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Nothing is rotten in the state of Denmark these days. With myriad genres and artists popping out of every corner of Copenhagen, Aarhus and other cities, the archipelago nation is killing it in the music world. It was hard to narrow down, but here are five Danish bands and singers that we’re sweet on:


Expect the unexpected with these pop-rock veterans. From jazzy dreamscapes to four-on-the-floor escapades, Mew keep audiences guessing. Their 2015 album, +- (Play It Again Sam), flirted with Sigur Ros immensity and silky EDM buoyancy—all of it carried by the mellifluous vocals of Jonas Bjerre. (Lead image courtesy Mew's record label.)


Christian d’Or

Noisey called “Tough Soul” by hardworking DJ Christian d’Or “The Best Thing To Ever Happen to Bass Riffs and Your Playlist.” Hefty praise for a gent who has spent 15 years delivering lounge-y lust to the underground. His art is timeless, oozing Mad Men chic and daring to go Muzak-cheesy but making it sound oh so modern. His Tough Soul EP is out now on Sound of Copenhagen.



“Life should be felt when we live it,” state Langsyn, a harmonica-driven folk band created in the likeness of Bob Dylan and the Davies brothers. Peter Butzback Larsen has a yelp that’ll grow on you and grip you. Language barrier be damned—Langsyn make music that’ll make you sway and stomp, no matter where you’re from. The new single, “For Altid,” is out now, with a full-length on the way.



If Wavves dipped a little more into the Pixies or Rites of Spring pools, they’d sound like Aarhus’ Yung. Nervy, noisy and full of raw energy, these fellows would be right at home on a bill with Cloud Nothings. Their ’90s-alt-meets-’80s-fuzz rock soothes and shatters, with throat-shredder Mikkel Holm Slikjaer leading the rascally pack. They just released their debut album, A Youthful Dream, on Fat Possum. (Thanks to What Youth for the suggestion!)



Feeling jilted because a hookup “ghosted” you on social media? The sultry Fallulah has the antidote for you in this airy track. A little Lorde-ly with a lot of sex appeal, the artist also known as Maria Apetri has been serving up sumptuous pop since 2010. The Danish-Romanian songstress released Perfect Tense (Instant) in February 2016. (Cheers to Highsnobiety for introducing us.)

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