Occur Goes Global - The Music of Austria

Home to classical god Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austria has a rich music history. People still come from the world over to hear the artistic masterworks in their native Vienna and Salzburg. In addition to the symphonic sounds of this genius, Austria is abuzz with EDM, rock and folk movements. Here are some of the European country’s bands to watch out for.


Camo & Krooked

“Loving You Is Easy” was a major track off this DJ duo’s 2013 album, Zeitgeist, and it also describes the coolness of these Viennese rhythms. Cherry-picking from disco, drum & bass and ’90s house, Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner maintain a 360-degree view of their genre’s past and future. Armed with iPads, LEDs and MIDIs, this pair illuminate the night and set wild hearts on fire.


Manu Delago

Anyone who earns praise from the high priestess of experimentation, Bjork, must have an immense amount of talent. Innsbruck’s Manu Delago has graced recordings by the Icelandic musician, as well as those by Joss Stone and the London Symphony Orchestra. His weapon of choice is the Swiss hang, a tortoise-shell percussion instrument with warm resonance. In 2015, he released Silver Kobalt, which references mining, alchemy and goblins— oh, my!



Anja Plaschg scares us. If the little possessed girl from The Exorcist fronted a band, it would be Soap&Skin. The project coils cathedral chants around the despondent contralto of Plaschg’s, making for a beautiful nightmare. She doesn’t go for direct shock value (though the above video is NSFW, with nudity, slayings and other disturbing images). Instead, she creeps into your soul, picking at the scabs of bygone industrial and gothic songs. She’ll get under your skin, all right.


Penetrante Sorte

Repping Austria’s westernmost federation state of Vorarlberg, Penetrante Sorte roughly translates to “penetration variety.” If you’re looking for hip-hop that pays respect to the Pharcyde, LL Cool J and the Fugees, these two emcees will satisfy that itch. Phil Fin and DJ King rely more on humor and romance than gangsta swagger, but they still have a style all their own.


Catastrophe & Cure

Why be modest when you know you’re good? That’s the approach of Catastrophe & Cure, whose new track, “Undeniable/Irresistible,” is exactly that. It’s smooth, tantalizing and sexy. Crackerjack beats snap as Johannes Eder croons. Theirs is a soft blend of Bloc Party, the Temper Trap and even a little bit of trip-hop.

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