• Boston-based female producer Seneca B gives us her latest instrumental EP, Rascal, which shows off her impressive production skills and ability to layer sampled sounds and make them her own.

    Infused with old- and new-school Hip-Hop with subtle jazz elements, the 19-year-old beat-maker successfully crafted a collection of refreshingly smooth instrumentals that flow beautifully throughout the tape. With the exception of "Neina" and 'Beef" that respectively borrow verses from Guru and Mos Def, the tape exclusively sticks to straight instrumentals with the occasional familiar Hip-Hop phrase or hook peppered in.

    Overall, the EP displays Seneca's ear for sounds that mesh well together. It flows gracefully from beginning to end and is a definite must-listen for beat-heads and music fans alike.

    Click here to give Seneca B's Rascal a listen here.

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