The New York-based Mongolian folk/electronic artist known as Nature Ganganbaigal presents the release of his new album, To Where Tengger Leads Me. The album's name stems from his songwriting for the Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry.


    With this album being Nature's first solo album, he carefully crafted the body of work to display traditional Mongolian music in a more modern light. Sounds of galloping steeds, refreshing wind and booming drums can be heard throughout the project while vibrant build-ups and symphonic melodies make for an epic sound.


    As an internationally known composer, Nature's music speaks for itself on the album as it carries an exotic, calming feel that's magical as it is wholly original. If you're a lover of traditional worldly music with a new-age twist, To Where Tengger Leads Me is a must-listen.


    To stream the album for free on Soundcloud, click here.

    To stream and purchase on Bandcamp, click here.

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