• Random Order
    Black Lipstick Kiss
    Cat Scratch

    On July 29th, the lively collective from Toronto known as Random Order will be releasing their 11-track album by the name of Black Lipstick Kiss, and the music is just as intriguing as the title.

    For the album, the six-piece band delivers nothing less than stellar, energetic production backed by full-bodied vocals from the lead singer, Lynn "Lynx" Phillips. The heartiness of Phillips’ voice is prominent on songs like “Subway Girl” and “Trans Mission,” where she belts out self-composed lyrics right from the gut.

    The band gets an opportunity to rock out on songs like “Do It In Quattro,” while Lynn displays sentiment with an edge on “10 Things.” The album has a live, exhilarating feel that resembles the score from Quentin Tarantino’s acclaimed film Pulp Fiction, as it resonates elements of reggae, rock and ska.

    With a hint of rebellion lying beneath each track, Black Lipstick Kiss is a main staple for the summer that can easily transition into the cooler weather due to its warm harmonies and up-tempo yet subtle production.

    The overall vibe is groovy and cinematic, expressing diversity and displaying versatility at every turn. Random Order inexplicably laid down a signature sound of upbeat music with a hint of sexiness and mystery that just feels right. 

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