• South East London-based composer N Wolex is gearing up to release an exclusive 7″ of his single “If You Had” along with a bonus track entitled “No Regrets.” For both songs, Wolex intimately constructs melodies on the darker side that are laden with heavy piano keys and drums that don’t take away from the overall bittersweet, jazz-like feel of each song. He enlists the help of a not-yet-revealed R&B artist for the vocals on “No Regrets,” in which she pours pure emotion into every lyric. Wolex stretches his own vocal chords for “If You Had” that picks up a bit in tempo but still carries a cool, airy vibe to it.

    If you’re a fan of free-range vocalism over carefully crafted production sprinkled with live instrumentation, be sure to check out Wolex’s “If You Had/No Regrets,” which is set for a release date of July 28, 2014 on Amazon.com.

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