• Photo courtesy Chapman Baehler
    Photo courtesy Chapman Baehler

    Got the need for speed now that "Breaking Bad" is off the air? How about a potent dosage of a different kind of Crystal Meth(od)? The celebrated dance-music duo known for blockbuster jams such as "Trip Like I Do" is back in January 2014 with a self-titled release that'll give the whippersnappers of the EDM world a run for their money. The Crystal Method's been in the game for 20 years, and if the new snippet of "Emulator" is any indication, the Los Angeles tag team of Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan will continue their lofty rule of the scene. The renegade beats and urgent thrum are a thrilling return to form, especially considering that Kirkland underwent brain surgery this past year! Talk about a survivor. The Crystal Method is out January 14, 2014 on Tiny e Records and features guests performances by... some off-the-wall choices like LeAnn Rimes and Scars On Broadway's Franky Perez. Check out the preview of "Emulator" below:

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