• Pawnee Pasadena is holding its free annual music festival June 1.
    Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it's officially summer music festival season! One we're particularly stoked about is Make Music Pasadena, an all-day free street party featuring familiar indie rockers and up-and-comers. Here are five we're salivating over:

    TANLINES (5:45, Playhouse District Eclectic Stage)
    These smooth operators are known for their innovative music videos that allow fans to treat them like computerized Stickems. Their live sets may inspire frenzied dancing and general jubilation, but please do not attempt to pick up Jesse and Eric and put them in the middle of bizarre locales.

    TAKEN BY TREES (8:15, Levitt Pavilion)
    What an ideal sunset performance: the island-influenced sounds of Victoria Bergsman. These dreamy, milky melodies will make for a lovely evening of sitting in the grass and swaying away your sunburn.

    YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE (6:00, Old Pasadena Indie Rock Stage)
    A last-minute addition to the lineup, these local heroes will have fans "Come Running" from the other side of the city to hear their summery earworm. We'd bet they'd go great with a corndog and a lemonade.

    TORREBLANCA (7:00, Paseo Latin Indie Rock and Americana Singer Songwriter)
    Oye! This genre-hopping outfit from Mexico brandishes a high-energy vibe that'll infuse the audience with a second wind. How could you not enjoy yourself when cheery saxes are blaring?

    THE NEW DANGER (3:30 S&S Stage Presented by 92 FAMILY Conscious Hip Hop @ The Terrace)
    Imagine if the Black Keys collaborated with Ice-T. The New Danger brings the best of blues and beguiling rap to one stage and lights it up every time.

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