Not all fortunes are fortunate

Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 3:49 AM
Marcus Floyd

  • We were filming some pre-show footage of Gonjasufi before he headlined Low End Theory at The Airliner. The time came to take him to the venue. It was about 11PM on a lovely night and everyone's feeling right. We get in our ride and meet 'sufi at his car so he can hop in with us. His first words as he steps in are "It smells like ass in here." After a couple of minutes I smell the stench too. Not even 2 blocks away from our starting point, we stop to pick up some cigarettes and Coronas from a gas station. Right before we get there, the stench becomes unbearable and I ask if anyone stepped in dog doo doo. Unbeknownst to two of the passengers, they gave us some ever-so good luck by stepping in dog feces and grinding it into the floor mats in the car (it could have been a cat. We want to say it was a dog because that means it's good luck. No rewards for stepping in cat poo). Our noses may not have been so fortunate, but I believe our luck points went up big time. Now it's clutch time. We have to get 'sufi to his show, but we don't want to smell dog poo the whole ride, so we pull the mats out of the car and use the windshield cleaners and paper towels at the gas station to clean them and the victim's shoes cleaned off. As luck would have it, we made it to the show in time and got some decent footage of Gonjasufi WRECKING the stage with The Gaslamp Killer which we will be putting on the site soon. Check back later and signup to get invited to the pre-launch here if you haven't already.

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