• Good tidings to you and yours this week of Christmas! And if you're feeling particularly in the giving spirit, why not get for your favorite humble rock scribe (ahem) any or all of the following items?

    The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set $319 at Amazon.com

    Excuse me while I wipe up my drool. All 14 Beatles albums - including Past Masters - are crammed into this beaut of a presentation. It also comes with a 250-page book on the history of these timeless recordings. However, I don't actually have a record player yet, which leads to my next wish:

    Crosley Director CD Recorder $199.99 at Target.com

    Look at it, in all its wooden glory. Vintage (looking) to the max! This puppy boasts MP3 hookups, built-in speakers, a record player, a CD player, a TAPE PLAYER. The only thing it's missing is an 8-track player.

    Tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in concert $60 to $320 at Ticketmaster.com

    Stevie, Lindsey, John and Mick aren't breaking the chain anytime soon, but this tour sounds like it could be their best yet. The Hollywood Bowl date is technically sold out, so if anyone wants to get me on the press list for that gig, I'll pay you in Nicks-inspired scarves.

    Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness CD re-release $115 at Amazon.com

    The alternative rock opus is now overstuffed like a glorious Butterball turkey! Demos up the wazoo, new artwork and a DVD of the fan favorite 1996 concert from Brixton Academy. I know Pumpkins are more Halloween appropriate, but seeming that I got my first SP album - the original MCIS - for Christmas 1996, it would be coming full circle.

    Subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly, Bust and pretty much any other awesome film/music magazine that still exists in print EW.com; www.bust.com

    Alas, it guts this writer to continually hear of ace print mags going out of publication. And subscriptions seem to be at an all-time affordability. It's nice to tear your eyes away from a digital screen for a while and hold a tangible periodical. Plus, perfume samples! You can't smell a computer. (Well, you could, but that usually means your hard drive is burning.)
    Music peeps: What are you asking Santa for this year?

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