"I can't afford to not record"

Friday, February 24, 2012 at 1:57 AM
Marcus Floyd

  • As I was sitting back listening to "Prototype", one of the sexiest tracks that my favorite rap duo, Outkast, has ever recorded, I couldn't help but to realize a particular quote from this song from the mouth of Andre 3 Stacks as it struck very close to home here at PhantEye. Yes, we can't afford to not record! Why it struck home you may ask? Well one of the video cameras we use to record shows had a dead pixel in all of the footage and photos. Just so you know, WE JUST GOT THESE CAMERAS! In an effort to get it replaced, we had to battle it out with Sony as the warranty for the camera was for repair only which would take up to 3 weeks. We refrained from cussing them out, thank goodness, but the end result is that we had to ship the camera to some facility in Texas, and now we are waiting for the replacement unit to arrive. So as of right now, we're down, but please believe we're not out. Stay Tuned!

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