• Photo courtesy Maggie Vail

    As Kathleen Hanna and Kathi Wilcox prep their Julie Ruin record, the former Bikini Kill riot grrls have announced the launch of their own label to re-release BK nuggets and gems.

    Along with band mates Tobi Vail and Billy Karren, Hanna and Wilcox in the guise of Bikini Kill revolutionized the feminist sound in the 1990s, culling from strong allegiances in the queer-visibility movement and punk-rock aesthetics. The buoyant Hanna, most recently celebrated for her stint as singer for the politically charged electro group Le Tigre, is largely credited as the face of the riot grrl scene.

    The albums are all available in digital format, with physical re-releases arriving in the coming months. The band stated that they also plan on releasing their original demo tape, along with other rarities formerly strewn across 7-inches and record-bin treasure chests.

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