What's We're Digging Now: Audiafauna

Can't wait until next Tuesday to pick up the new Fiona Apple record? Santa Cruz's Audiafauna will tide you over. Very much in the willowy, emotionally charged vein of Miss Apple, this woodsy yet urban quintet immediately grabs ears. The soulful sandpaper hush of Kelly Koval's vocals reverberate over her band mates' hip-hop beats and folksy strings. They recently released their full-length debut, Grow Down, which is the kind of album that demands the listener to stop what he's doing and give it his full attention.
Catch Audiafauna on its album release tour: Jun 14 Sophia's Thai Kitchen Davis, CA Jun 15 The Water Trough Project Sebastopol, CA Jun 16 Vagabond Ballrom Oakland, CA Jun 22 The Plaza at Arte Americas Fresno, CA Jul 13 Oregon Country Fair Eugene, OR Jul 21 Mystic Garden Gathering Selma, OR

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