Though their peculiar spelling is a nightmare to copyeditors, DRӔMINGS are aural bliss to our ears. Keeping company with slowcore greats such as Beach House and the Cocteau Twins, this timeless project aims to circumvent labels. Led by the uber prolific Kimi Recor, the foursome winds through New Age (the evanescent “Tides”) and four-on-the-floor darkwave (“Great Escape”) on its recent self-titled EP (out on Play Like a Girl).

    It’s a simultaneously worldly and microcosmic record, taking nibbles from Recor’s German-industrial roots and Los Angeles’ urban mire. The magic of DRӔMINGS is its uncanny ability to defy locale and era. The group say in a press release that they strived to make songs that sounded straight out of the 1970s and the 2040s, and with these six gritty, heartrending tracks, they succeed in a way that would make Stephen Hawking cheer. Recor is Siouxsie and Banks rolled into one chic package, with bandmates Chris Vick, Nathaniel Meek and Thorson (no last name needed. He’s Thor’s son, for Pete’s sake) crafting a beautiful, serene cyborg of rock, goth and pop.


    Image by Jeffrey Baum

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