• We’ve got awhile before we reach Turkey in our ongoing Occur Goes Global series, but a particular darkwave duo has captivated us so much, we had to introduce you to their tunes now. In a nation that was nearly torn apart by a coup in 2016, the men of Jakuzi are sticking out their necks to sing of sorrow and of fluid identity.


    Their debut album, Fantezi Müzik (out March 24 on City Slang), carries on the smoky, spooky synth traditions of Joy Division with a splash of millennial optimism. Lead single “Koca Bir Saçmalik” slays like the best of the Killers, with a digital bounce provided by multi-instrumentalist Taner Yücel. And though he doesn’t sing in English, front man Kutay Soyocak has a baritone that has immense cross-cultural appeal.


    Despite living in a country known for Draconian censorship, Jakuzi boldly discuss taboo topics. The Gary Numan-like “Lubunya” is considered one of the first pro-transgender-rights songs sung in Turkish. And in a land where machismo is king, Yücel and Soyocak dare to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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