• NYC-based electro-rock band diNMachine links up with Russian artist Patrick K.-H. and Greek artist Bestbefore to create an animated video for their pulsating single "Dbl Trbl," which is reminiscent of Herbie Hancock's quirky, groundbreaking visuals for his 1984 classic "Rockit."

    For "Dbl Trbl," the overall video is an electrifying mash-up of diNMachine, Patrick and Bestbefore’s collective vision and sound. Each party brought its own ideas, sketches and sequences together to eloquently blend it all into the unique, erratic musical/visual hybrid we view today. 

    diNMachine is currently prepping for the vinyl release of their LP, The Opposites of Unity, due out September 9, courtesy of Greedy Dilettante Records.

    Check out the video for "Dbl Trbl" above, and pre-order The Opposites of Unity here.

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