Blending urban pop, murky industrial and atmospheric trip-hop, San Diego's Le Chateau have established themselves as one of SoCal's must-hear bands. Their 2015 EP earned accolades from all over the indie rock community, and they're aiming for the stratosphere with their recently completed extended play.


    "The Good Fight" is the first single off Le Chateau's newest offering, Brutalism, and it's a haunting piece augmented by Laura Levenhagen's mythic vocals, Frank Green's grinding guitar and Erik Visnyak's spooky electronic vibes. The black-and-white video was directed by Kevin Gossett.


    "I'm done hammering holes in my walls for pictures I'll never hang," Levenhagen croons in a fragile manner. As she explains via email, "I'm done doing damage to myself for people that aren't even planning on sticking around. The chorus talks a bit about the lessons I've learned through these relationships and includes a bit of a jab at these type of people that frame themselves as sensitive and considerate, but in the end don't care about anyone but themselves."


    We definitely care about Le Chateau's dreamy trajectory. Expect more gripping tunes from the California trio soon, and see where they're performing.



    Lead photo by Darren Bradley

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