Album Review: Matt Lande - Glow

Oregon-based singer/songwriter Matt Lande’s forthcoming album, GLOW, shines as he delivers an impressive collection of songs that walk the line between vulnerability and rebelliousness.

The overall sound throughout the 10-track album is a flirty blend of Top 40 pop rock with a raw alternative edge. The feel of the album is genuine and somber, giving us a closer look into who Matt is as an artist.

The title track of GLOW is electrifying as the build of guitar riffs and heavy drums reign supreme throughout the song. Matt’s vocals on the intimate “Robin” pulls at the heartstrings while the piano meshes beautifully with the promising lyrics.

Standout songs include the catchy, up-tempo “Nowhere That We Know” and “I Will Sing To You,” which sounds like the mellow rock ballad that dreams are made of. The closing track, “Looking Down,” perfectly wraps up the album and leaves room to reflect on the solid composition of Matt’s body of work.

Overall, Matt did a great job with GLOW, as it emanates a pop-friendly appeal with a hard rock edge. The album gives a good amount of variety without treading too far away from its original sound and feel.

Definitely worth the listen, look for GLOW to be released on December 1st.

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