• Atlanta rap duo superHero (Apollo and DJ Ghost) release their debut collaborative album, The Middle, which takes listeners on a jam-packed superhero-themed ride with a Hip-Hop twist.

    With plenty of witty wordplay, clever production and relevant, superhero-esque interludes to go around, the 12-track album packs a major punch for this duo's first time out the gate together. Highlights include the heavy-hitting "Saving The Day Pt. 2" and the bouncy yet soulful "Lifted," which features a sample from John Legend's famed 2004 track "Let's Get Lifted."

    Songs like "Audio Dope" feel genuine as superHero rhymes from the heart and lets listeners in on who they really are, while the album's last song, "For You," has an up-tempo '90s vibe that definitely makes The Middle a memorable and solid debut project.

    Listen to superHero's The Middle in full by clicking here.

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