• South Carolina rap artist Frank Peters peels away musical layers on his latest album, 50 Shades of Frank. Produced by B-Major and St. Peters, the album is packed with party jams infused with a dose of reality. The inclusion of short interludes throughout the album adds a worldy vibe and reveals more levels to the emcee's style.

    Songs that stand out are the album's opener, "Mr. Fran,k" which has a futuristic, airy flow; and the infectiously bouncy "Get It Right" that carries a dark edge but still would turn any party out. The versatlity on 50 Shades soars as Frank speeds up his flow on "Ambitionz" and slows it down just a bit on "Passive." More intimiate songs like "Half Dollar" give listeners a taste of his storytelling ability while "Numb" brings out witty wordplay.

    The album overall displays Frank's keen delivery and lyricism as well as his songwriting and arrangement skills. It's a great look into the many styles of his artistry and only builds up momentum of what Frank's going to do next. 

    Click here to listen to Frank's 50 Shades of Frank.

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