• Australian singer/songwriter/rapper Nick Delahoyde presents his debut album, Passion. For his first full project out the gate, Nick delivers a clean, well-crafted pop and alternative sound with elements of Hip-Hop, R&B and soul that meshes well with his Aussie accent.

    The opening track, "Aces," ideally introduces listeners to Nick's musical style as a whole, displaying his lyrical and vocal abilities over mellow, cool production. The album's lead single, "By My Side," reads like an entry from his personal journal as he expresses his true passion for music. He shines lyrically on "The Longest Way" and brings the bounce with a rock essence on "Where's The Party At?"

    The album's title track feels intimate as Nick delves into his innermost thoughts and feelings that have developed while traveling through his musical journey. The last track, "No Consolation," featuring edgy vocals from the band Monks of Mellonwah, is the perfect funky ending to this passion-driven album that makes a powerful statement.

    Overall, Passion is a solid first effort and only paves the way for Nick to deliver more quality and creative sounds.

    Show your support and listen to Nick's Passion here.

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