• Los Angeles-based songstress Rimi has re-released her EP entitled Crossing Over. Blending American pop with the refreshing sounds of Bengali pop, the Indian-American artist delivers graceful, melodic vocals with an edge on this impressive 6-track project. 


    The opening track, "Nesha Nesha," gives listeners a hearty dose of universal flavor as Rimi introduces her ethereal sound over cool, modern production. Although the lyrics throughout Crossing Over are primarily in Hindi, she playfully goes back and forth between Hindi and English on this particular track, displaying her versatility and willingness to go the extra mile with her music.


    Other songs that shine are "Sayeba," which has a Latin live band feel to it; and the track "Shonay," which holds a nice, solid guitar sound and infectious hook.


    Click here to check out Rimi's endearing Crossing Over for yourself.

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