• The New York-based garage/psychedelic rock trio Broken Guru present their debut album, Bent Up Halo. Blending a collective sound of punk, soul and alternative rock, the band successfully crafted a raw, in-your-face breakout project that sets the tone for their mellow but gritty image and feel.

    Throughout Halo, killer guitar riffs and upbeat, hard-hitting drums are in abundance as the frontman, Rich Guerzon, belts out potent and often provactive lyrics from the gut. Songs that stand out include "28 Cents," which carries a very catchy chorus, and the album's title track that smolders over with white-hot live instrumentation and fiery vocals.

    A true gem on the album happens to be the very last song, "Like A Whore," which takes the listener on a wild, guitar-heavy ride that just won't quit and offers a message that hauntingly lingers.

    Overall, Bent Up Halo is a well-crafted debut from Broken Guru and is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of warm rock with a cool edge. Give it a listen by clicking here to stream the album for free.

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