Ozomatli To Honor Florida Farm Laborers in Concert

Photo by Sandra Dahdah


Genre-hoppers Ozomatli have always lent a hand to worthy causes. They've commemorated in song historic occurences like the rebuilding of New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina and immigrant marches in Los Angeles. Now they're shining a light on the lives of farm laborers in Florida.


The Latin rock-rap-funk fellas are teaming with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to celebrate these employees and to encourage Wendy's and Publix to rethink their produce purchasing. The March 21 event in St. Petersburg will also feature performances by La Santa Cecilia and Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics.


The New York Times detailed atrocities commited against the Florida tomato pickers, particularly the women. Sexual abuse, low or no wages and generally poor work environments pummeled many of these laborers until the Fair Food Program began to take hold last year. Thanks to these efforts, giant retailers such as Walmart are only buying tomatoes from growers that treat their workers with dignity.


For more information on the concert, go to the CIW website.



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