A year after releasing his debut album, Food, Clothing & Shelter, Marc 7 of the legendary Hip-Hop group Jurassic 5 is back with his new sophomore solo effort entitled When Sounds Attack (Vol.1)
    With production from the likes of Hirolla Beats, Frenic and Blacksmith, and cameos from Knytro, MC Supernatural and BluWhen Sounds Attack carries a heavy old-school '90s rap vibe to it while touching on weighty topics that most rappers are afraid to address.
    Throughout the album, you find Marc lyrically attacking the subtle production that more often than not complements his demanding flow and delivery. Songs like "The Show" and "Buckshots" keep it straight gritty and raw, whereas "Lose You" and "Make A Way" strike a sentimental chord with listeners. You can really feel the sense of urgency in Marc's voice as he gives us a piece of his mind and heart on this solid body of work.
    Overall, Marc 7 surpasses the sophomore slump by keeping the subject matter current and enlightening and the production clean and solid. When Sounds Attack (Vol.1) will be available everywhere on March 10. To order your copy on iTunes, click here.

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