10 Essential Musician-Owned Restaurants

Word on the street is that rapper Wiz Khalifa wants to open a Nando’s chicken franchise in Los Angeles. The spicy poultry dishes are big in the UK, and Wiz is far from the first culinary-minded musician to run his own eatery. Check out these 10 rockin’ restaurants:




New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg, evolving actor and former rapper Mark Wahlberg and their chef brother, Paul, joined forces to open this Boston haunt. The name was a bit of a head-desker, but the food joint inspired an A&E reality show, and it’s expanding to Florida and New York. How about a Big Papi?


Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill

Need a place where you can get “Beer for My Horses”? Country star Toby Keith has the watering hole for you. Each location has a guitar-shaped bar, whiskey wenches, live music and free burgers for active military members. Yee-haw! (Photo by Nan Palmero/Creative Commons)


Rock & Brews

Gene Simmons is a consummate businessman. Paul Stanley is a thunderous legend. Together, the KISS army generals unleashed this hearty restaurant and bar in 2010. The grub has clever names (Ring of Fire Wings, the Float On root beer float) and the beer taps celebrate local flavors.


The 40/40 Club

Jay Z knows exclusive. As a member of the Illuminati hip-hop elite, he’s taken his career to amazing heights. And that includes owning the 40/40 Club, named for an exclusive group of baseball record-breakers. The sports-themed New York locale offers an array of VIP packages, items for adventurous palates and cocktails named after ball-playing heroes such as Alex Rodriguez.


Cheeseburger in Paradise

The prince of Parrotheads, Jimmy Buffett, turned his chill song into a restaurant franchise. With locations in seven states, beachcombing patrons can enjoy more than a dozen different burgers and chocolate nachos. I repeat: chocolate nachos. Buffett also owns the Margaritaville chain.


Soul Kitchen

“Friendship is our daily special” is the motto of Soul Kitchen, Jon Bon Jovi’s New Jersey restaurant. It’s known for its generous “pay what you can” scale, where helping clean the dishes is currency enough. The menu changes daily and has featured ravioli and black truffle-laced morsels.


Southern Hospitality

Nothing like a little Southern Hospitality to please your belly! Justin Timberlake’s NYC restaurant brings the best of BBQ to the big city: chicken & waffles, shrimp ‘n’ grits, pulled pork sandwiches… It’s a wonder the singer keeps so svelte after growing up on these goods.



Lit’s guitarist is definitely NOT his own worst enemy when it comes to delivering food and fun to Fullerton, Calif. His Slidebar hosts daily concerts and serves up giant portions. Dig the Good ’ol boy, a beef burger topped with pork belly.



If you like things spicy, Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare” Chili is up your alley. Phoenix’s Cooperstown boasts a huge menu, from punny dishes like the “Going Deep” Fish Tacos to “The Killer” Corned Beef. Feed your Frankenstein!



The artist also known as Stefani Germanotta might not officially have a hand in her father’s Manhattan trattoria, Joanne, but her relation has put it on the map. The Italian fare weighs heavily on prime meat cuts and a spaghetti specialty. Joanne has come a long way from an infamous health inspection in 2012, when it was slapped with a (later revised) C rating.

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