As PhantEye makes its transition to Occur.la, we're focusing even more on the emerging bands and artists we love and feel you NEED to hear. Blogger Melissa Bobbitt wants to shout out to Wartime Recitals, whose ebullient brand of indie pop will invade the Echo in Los Angeles all November.

    Many congratulations to the ultra-rad Hugo G and his band of joy, Wartime Recitals. I've known this multitalented instrumentalist and journalist for years, going back to when he was my editor at the Deli LA. This labor of love has been a long time coming, and it's phenomenal to see such a hardworking local group make it onto the national scene with the release of their self-titled EP.

    Wartime Recitals evokes the glee of Tilly and the Wall and Los Campesinos!, cresting with chimes and shimmering guitar work via Jonathan Krueger (also on lead vox) and Joe Cooper. Hugo provides layers of gorgeous piano, while drummer Thomas Bram and bassist Michael Giardina keep a wistful rhythm. Capping off the experience is vocalist/violinist Morgan Paros, a seraphim of a singer.

    Angelenos can catch Wartime Recitals at their November Echo residency. The shows are free:

    November 3 (with Amason and Paul Bergmann)
    November 10 (with Hi Ho Silver Oh, Dark Furs and Prism Tats)November 17 (at the Echoplex, with ForebearDecorator and Archer Black)
    November 24 (with the End of Summer, Figs Vision and Jag Sun)


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