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'True Trans' Heroine Laura Jane Grace Gets Her Own Documentary Series

Photo by Ryan Russell

Now here's a reality show we can get behind. It's been in the works for a while, but the series "True Trans with Laura Jane Grace" will arrive on National Coming Out Day, Oct. 10, on The Against Me! singer/guitarist (third in photo) has become an outspoken, admirable member of the LGBTQ community when she revealed in 2012 her gender dysphoria and that she would begin her transition publically. Since that momentous coming out in Rolling Stone magazine, Grace has solidified her punk roots and unapologetic stance with Against Me's 2013 tell-all album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Total Treble).

"True Trans with Laura Jane Grace" is not only about the riotous front woman; it highlights the transitions of an array of folks nationwide. These are fellow musicians, parents, students, lawyers, doctors, librarians, taxi drivers, young and old. The common bond is that these individuals were born in the wrong skin and are growing into their destinies.

"The opportunity I had while shooting this show was nothing short of tremendous," said Grace in a press release. "Getting the chance to listen to other people tell their stories of how life shaped their identities and views on gender couldn't help but further inform my own understanding of just how complicated and also how simple all of it really is."

Grace follows in the footsteps of pioneering trans artists such as swooning indie musician Antony Hegarty and snarling Warhol associate Jayne County. We're excited to see her bring the reality genre into such a positive spectrum.

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