• Just Walden
    High Street Barton Blues
    Walden Records

    After releasing the single “Romie Knows” that seems to be garnering much attention, the band Just Walden gears up to release their debut album, High Street Barton Blues. Based in Austin, TX, the quartet is fronted by singer/songwriter Danny Ferraro, who ended up leaving his job at Goldman Sachs to try his hand at music full time after having reoccurring dreams of rocking out with the band, creating a contagiously melodic sound with piano being front and center.

    The sound in his dreams certainly manifested and is present on the new album, as we find the piano demanding attention on each track that definitely leaves a soul-stirring impression.

    The brief but heartwarming “Marrow of Life” kicks off the 14-track album, which goes pretty quickly. This adds to the allure of High Street Barton Blues as it adds variety while keeping the momentum going for those who may have short attention spans. The alternative sound blares through the speakers with a classic energy as Ferraro belts out thoughtful lyrics that weave tales of joy and pain while coming of age.

    Highlights on the album include the melancholy “Space Cadet" and the moody yet upbeat “Full Body Tattoo,” which both offer easy listening without being too watered down. The poppy “Viviana Blue” jumps out at you and gives great energy throughout that I’m sure will go over well with pop and alternative fans alike.

    Mesmerizing as it is refreshing, Just Walden’s debut album is one that will stay with you well after extensive listens. You may see yourself playing it for years to come, simply because of the cool, airy vibe it carries. The blending of well-written songs from the heart over organic, genuine production is always a winning combination.

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