• Ships Have Sailed

    With the lead single, “Midnight,” currently making waves, Los Angeles-based band Ships Have Sailed are gearing up to release their debut 6-track EP entitled Someday. For this EP, the band whisks between elements of alternative rock and pop, dishing out thought-provoking subjects and endearing lyrics to complement them.

    The acoustics and vocals on the lucid “Clouds” are soft and dreamy, while “Better Off” picks up in tempo and throws a little spice into the pot. The heartwarming “Bring You Down” does anything but, as it carries the message of not letting anyone hold you back from life.

    Throughout Someday, the content deals with heavy issues such as break-ups and depression, but the production makes it an easy, almost uplifting experience, especially on the EP’s title track.

    Although each song differs in tempos and vocals, the EP keeps a steady pattern of a feel-good and mellow (but not melancholy) vibe. The lead singer, Will Carpenter, does an excellent job at channeling the appropriate emotion for each song. For it to only be six songs, the EP leaves a lasting impression complete with a healthy dose of reality and honesty.

    Someday drops on July 15th.

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