• Image by Kate Ryder
    Image by Kate Ryder

    Full disclosure: This artist is a pal of PhantEye's blogger. Musicians' bios often suffer from delusions of grandeur. PR spin doctors build up tinkering nobodies as though they were the second coming of the Beatles. But Jim Cook's intro is legit, comparing his tunes to that of Jason Mraz and Jamiroquai. One can hear those spot-on comparisons in the troubadour's new single, "Chasin' You," which is free to download until Dec. 31. The laid-back vibe and yearning vocals from the former Big Creak front man make for a pleasant piece of work. Dirk Lance and Jose Pasillas of Incubus provide bass and drums, respectively, for the song. Cook is eying a 2014 release for an EP and will be playing shows around California throughout the new year.

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