I did not get my tickets, what do I do?!

E-mail us at support@occur.la and let us know your name, email address, and which event you ordered tickets for and any other information that might help locate your order. Worst case scenario, event organizers have a list of everyone who has bought tickets so you can talk to them at the event and give them the same information to locate your order. We recommend that event organizers check ID to make sure you are the person who purchased the tickets.

Can I get a refund for tickets that I purchased?

No refunds are allowed. The only time refunds are issued is when there is an event cancellation. If there is ever a time when a refund is issued outside of an event cancellation, the ticket fee will not be refunded.

Where can I download my tickets?

Your tickets should habe been emailed to you. If not, you can download your tickets from the Lobby or in the iOS or Android apps. If you do not have your tickets, you can email support@occur.la for help.

Did you find the answer to your question? If not, email us at support@occur.la