Ubiquitous Love Tribe

Santa Monica, California, United States



Ubiquitous, by the definition of the word, means present everywhere. Striving to actualize this expansiveness through art and use it to promote love, self-awareness, and mindful coexistence, author Matthew Rich, in collaboration with youth coordinator Osiris Booque, founded Ubiquitous Love Tribe in 2013, after years of creating art both separately and together. Since its inception, the collective ULT has continuously changed shapes, but now includes more than 25 artists of various mediums, all using their art as a platform for affecting the kind of change necessary to sustain and better existence on this plane(t). Known primarily around the greater Los Angeles area for playing shows as a hip-hop and R&B - based musical group, ULT regularly performs (and actually performs, not just raps) with members Osiris, nahhphet, Prince Vimana, Leiah, monzyx, Stark Glory, Någå∞Någåmé(m), Garble, Cameron Jordan, J. Knyce, Ox Da Gawd, Malik (Much Love Music), and Avila Santo (Omnipresence). Since ULT began performing in late 2013, they have lent their energy to the success of such events as Leimert Park’s Bananas, UCLA’s Ecochella, UCSC’s Porterpalooza, and concerts featuring well-known acts like Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, Kurupt, Warm Brew, VerbS, and Andre Nickatina. As a family, ULT builds art upon an understanding of the importance of unique, subjective expression, and demonstrates the beauty of individuals coming together to create a synergy.



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