Santa Cruz, California, United States



Joomanji is a collective initiated by producer, beat-master, and San Diego native Jonah Christian. The collective regularly features Robert Finucane on keyboard, as well as varying other members depending on recordings, and location/time of live performances. Other members include Amir Oosman on Drums (in Los Angeles as of 9/2011); James Levine on Drums; Nick Bianchini on Trumpet; Nikki Mokover on Sax; Kevin Cameron on Bass (in SF as of 10/2011); Zephyr Culbertson Adee on Bass; Along with a deluge of vocalists singing, rapping, and everything in-between. The regular live band in Santa Cruz consists of Jonah Christian (Production, Samples, Inspiration); Robert Finucane (Keyboard); James Levine (Drums) and the occasional treat of Amir Oosman (drums); Zephyr Culbertson Adee (Bass); Nikki Mokover (Sax); Saara Maria (vocals).


The Seshen

Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Bootleg Theater



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