Event Ticketing

For Promoters, Venues, Artists, and Other Event Organizers

We don't enjoy exorbitant ticketing fees. Chances are you and your attendees don't either. Our technology allows new or existing venues to setup shop without long-term contracts. Our system is also suitable for promoters and venues who need to get tickets sold without the hassle.

Promo Codes

Use promo codes to give discounts and/or keep track of sales from 3rd parties.

Ticket Scanning Apps

Validate tickets the day of your event with our free mobile apps. This helps mitigate fraud and activate other features.

RSVP/Guestlist Management

Setup multiple guestlists for your event and check off names in your mobile browser.


Embed your event into your existing website.

Your Event = Your Data

Simply put, the data that is generated from your event is yours.From demographics to sales rates

PCI DSS Compliant

We practice safe commerce. This give you the comfort of knowing that each transaction is secured to the highest standards.

Event Page Customization

You can customize the look of your event pages and ticket checkout to fit the look of your website.

Multiple Currencies

Accept ticket sales in your own home currency.

Fee Calculator

Ticket fees are determined by the currency used. You also have the option to use your own merchant account so ticket sales go directly to your bank account. Free events and tickets have no fees at all!

$0.00 fee


Email us sales@occur.la with any questions you have before getting started.


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